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Releases July 30

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Secret Identities: A Boys Behaving Badly Anthology #8


Inside Secret Identities: A Boys Behaving Badly Anthology, you’ll find stories by some of the hottest romance writers out there for readers who crave mysterious, enigmatic men and women who may not be who they claim to be. Perhaps they’re the new next-door neighbor with a secret mission, an alien from a far-away galaxy looking for his fated mate, or a spy trying to catch a foreign agent. Whatever their secrets, intrigue and passion follow…


Including stories from: Delilah Devlin, Elle James, N.J. Walter, Brent Archer, Ava Cuvay, A.J. Harris, Cindy Tanner, Reina Torres, Cameron Allie, D.S. Dehel, Darah Lace, Gabbi Grey, M. Jayne, Michal Scott


Most Wanted

by Darah Lace


Mackenzie “Mac” Loveless is determined to make it as a recovery agent and works twice as hard as her male counterparts—one in particular, who pushes all the right buttons, including the one between her legs. But after sleeping with the enemy, only to have him betray her, she makes it her mission to take as many bounties from him as possible.


Former Navy SEAL turned bounty hunter, Asher Slone is on the hunt for a drug dealer who skipped bail, but what he catches is trouble in stilettos—his competitor and the woman he can’t forget.

Releases August 6

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The best things happen… After Dark


From the seedy streets of the underworld to the heights of ecstasy, these stories will leave you spellbound and craving more. Get lost in this intoxicating escape into a world where danger and passion collide.


Are you ready to be seduced by those who defy convention and embrace the darkness within? Order your copy now and let the allure of these anti-heroes consume you.


Including stories from: Stephanie Morris - USA Today bestselling author; Courtney Dean-USA Today Bestselling Author; Bella Emy - USA Today Bestselling Author; Charmaine Louise Shelton; VK Holt; Euryia Larsen; Rachel Radner; Darah Lace; KyAnn Waters; Tara Lee; Tristina Brockway; Ali Rivers; Dilana Rose; Courtney W. Dixon

Falling into Darkness

(my contribution to the After Dark anthology)

The cartel’s golden rule—no loose ends, no witnesses.


Elizabeth Archer


All I wanted was sand, sun, and sin on my vacation in Mexico. Yet, here I am, running from a cartel execution with no phone, no shoes, and no way to warn Alex they’re coming for him. To him, a lieutenant in the Castillo cartel, I’m an obligation. I don’t want his protection. I want his heart.


Alejandro Castillo


When my best friend died, I promised to protect his sister. Not stalk her. I never expected to find my obsession in the crosshairs of a rival cartel. I have no choice but to break ranks. I know better than most, my enemy will never stop looking for her.

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Claiming Sophia

A MacTyre Valley Wolves Short Story

by Darah Lace


He wants to claim her as his mate, but being a shifter isn't his only secret...


Sophia Reed has yet to find a way to get her growling college crush to make a move. He's put her in the friend zone even though the chemistry between them is hotter than the summer sun.


Brendan MacTyre aches to claim Sophia as his mate, but if telling her he is mac tírewolfdoesn't scare her away, discovering the secret that he must share her with his pack brothers might. And she's the one woman he doesn't want to share.


This short story includes a three chapter sneak peek of Embracing Everly, Book 1 in the MacTyre Valley Wolves series coming soon to Amazon.

Preston Brothers Series






Bad Boy

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Cowboy Rough Series

Saddle Broke

Bucking Hard

End of His Rope

Taming the Wildcat

Texas Two-Step

Coming Soon

Deal with the Devil

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